Game Of Thrones Season 6 Predictions

Behold, Game Of Thrones fans! For this article is dark and full of spoilers. If you like us, refuse to believe that Lord Snow got stabbed and died at the end of season 5 then lets high-5 our swords and begin foreshadowing season 6. Since filming locations (Croatia, Spain and Belfast) and casting calls have been announced (Euron Greyjoy, anyone?), these assumptions are based on more than just us fanning out book plots. So here we go:

  • The Ironborn Get Some Screen Time: Besides Theon becoming a “friend” to reek. We haven’t really seen the ironborn win any allegiances or lead any armies to success. So hence, when they started casting for an “infamous pirate” with a “touch of madness”, we will be finally happy to see the uncle of Theon, Euron Greyjoy (some decent representation of the Greyjoys storyline) in Season 6. Let’s do this!


  • The wall comes down & Dany once again commands an army of Dothraki of soldiers. Boom! Okay, calm yourselves and let me explain. Since HBO said that the show will go on till season 8 and Dan & Dave said season 7. We need to really wrap in the cry for Azor Ahai (the saviour) and Daenerys Targaryen’s invasion of Westeros. Hence, we believe by the end of season 6, she’ll sail or more likely fly to the seven kingdoms. Vla, bitches.


  • Cersei’s doom is imperative via the Cleganebowl. Alright, boys and girls. If you haven’t read the books, this is how it’s going to go down. In Cersei’s trial against the faith she will pick the frankenstein Mountain as her champion and the faith will pick their champion The Hound. Now, now, no the Hound isn’t dead. In the text there is strong evidence that he joins the faith after his fatal wounds and will be “the valonqar” that kills Cersei (as maggie the frog predicted, a younger brother would kill her). Sorry, Cersei, you have been hating the wrong younger brother for all these years.  gam-of-thrones-finale-02
  • An important flashback may see the return of several characters, although not of the actors. The casting call leaked by Watchers On the Wall listed several young characters for one-time roles that could easily be younger versions of Robert Baratheon and/or Ned Stark, one being “a large boy” who is “big and tall but not fat,” and with “brown hair and blue eyes,” while the other is a 7-year-old with “dark brown hair and green eyes.” gameofthrones_teaser02_screencap09
  • Arya may have wolf dreams now that her sight is gone. In the books, Arya is a powerful warg and she sees through Nymeria several times. Now that she is also blind in the show, maybe this is a good time to introduce that warging thing you missed out, D&D? Thank you very much.


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