The Three Words We Proudly Said – “I Was There.”

We’d like to start off by saying that our association with OML has been truly amazing and we want to thank the team for the great job they have done with this year’s festival. Working on the merchandise for the fest and our own products, the last few months were filled with extremely tight deadlines, crazy coordination and just running around all over the place till you could see that we looked much fitter. It’s been hectic. But more than that, it’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience.

We’ve always loved the weekender and have “been there” since its inception in 2010. We’ve had an amazing time every year but this time it was extremely special because we were a part of it. NH7 has always been about creating a platform for upcoming artists and pushing the indie music scene in India. The idea of The Souled Store is similar in the sense that we too are trying to create a platform for budding artists. It’s just amazing to have been a part of something you’ve always respected.


NH7 Weekender is all about spreading happiness and it never fails to do that. Whether it was watching the find of the year – Nucleya kill it at the Eristoff Wolves Den or lying on the lush green grass at the Dewarists stage listening to the Raghu Dixit Project play their soulful music or the pure energy at the Bacardi Arena watching the NH7 All Stars or just laughing out loud listening to Vir Das’s Alien Chutney.


NH7 Weekender might have taken a step back this year by reducing the capacity of the festival, but they did take a step forward by making the festival more exclusive. They took a step forward by making it safer for everyone. And they took a step forward by creating an impressive NH7 Weekender merchandise line which will only improve as the years go by.


As for us, at the end of it all when we were wrapping up on that Sunday night, looking back at all those months of hard work that went into getting everything right, there were three words we proudly said, “I Was There.”

Have a soulful day.

The Souled Store Team


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