So much to say, so little space.

Alright! It’s been some time since our last blog post. The plan is to write one every 2 weeks at least. We shall try our best to do that. The point is to have something fun to read. If you guys want to put something up on our blog, do give us a shout-out. We’ll gladly put it up.

So, first up! We went live on 7th June and it’s been a little over 2 months now. Quite a lot has happened in these 2 months and we’re enjoying every moment of it. It’s not easy running your own brand. You learn new things every day. You face all sorts of problems. You get pissed. You get frustrated. But it’s all worth it when you get great feedback from the people we’re doing this for, you guys. Other than coming up with our own designs, we’re always looking for artists and have been getting in touch with as many as possible to bring to you a wide variety of products/designs and providing a platform to upcoming artists. So watch out for some great stuff coming your way.

We recently introduced you guys to our vintage cartoon t-shirt collection a few weeks back and the response we’ve gotten is insane! We feel cartoon tees were something that was missing from the market and we wanted to fill the gap. And filled the gap, we did (#YodaFTW). So, quick! Pick one up soon. They’re not going to be around for long.


As a start-up, we constantly need to keep growing and we’re always thinking of getting stuff that’s not available in the Indian market. So we thought, STICKERRSS!! We noticed that a lot of people put up stickers on their laptops, guitar cases, doors, walls etc. It’s something fun and unique and we thought, why not?


An awesome thing we achieved recently was FINALLY getting an office space! (There’s some awesome music playing in the background while this blog post is being written. Actually, there’s awesome music playing all the time). It feels absolutely amazing to have an office you can call your own. Gone are the days when we used to meet at Candies/Mocha Mojos and any place that gave us free Wi-Fi in Bandra and spend the entire day there. Eventually we ended up contacting an ex-colleague who was looking for someone to share his office with (a win-win situation). Things have a way of working out eventually.

We have been getting a lot of feedback from our estrogen-friendly audience about introducing more women-centric products. Gotta keep them women happy or else we’re going to be in trouble. There are some interesting products coming up so keep an eye out. You’re going to love them.

And finally, we recently announced that The Souled Store has been in talks with OML (the guys who organize the NH7 Weekender, for those who didn’t know). We’re psyched about the fact that we’re associated with the happiest music festival in India. The tickets are up for sale and the first 200 people from each city get limited edition t-shirts made by yours truly.


So that’s it for now. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us and we’ll keep bringing you some awesome products.

Have a soulful day.

The Souled Store Team


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(Originally published on 30th August, 2013)


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