Artist Aloud: Siddharth Ahuja

Meet Siddharth Ahuja, A young talented designer with some really awesome pop culture designs.  A little about Siddharth: “I’m studying for my BTech degree in Manipal University. I’m currently in the third year of college. My passions include football, music and design. I’m a huge fan of classic rock, and a follower of Liverpool FC.” He sure is… What design is for Siddharth:“Design started out as a hobby. I started learning Photoshop around a year and a half back, and have so much more to learn still. I’ve started to take designing more seriously now and hope to turn it into a profession. It’s … Continue reading Artist Aloud: Siddharth Ahuja

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Predictions

Behold, Game Of Thrones fans! For this article is dark and full of spoilers. If you like us, refuse to believe that Lord Snow got stabbed and died at the end of season 5 then lets high-5 our swords and begin foreshadowing season 6. Since filming locations (Croatia, Spain and Belfast) and casting calls have been announced (Euron Greyjoy, anyone?), these assumptions are based on more than just us fanning out book plots. So here we go: The Ironborn Get Some Screen Time: Besides Theon becoming a “friend” to reek. We haven’t really seen the ironborn win any allegiances or … Continue reading Game Of Thrones Season 6 Predictions

Maybe It’s Time You Revised Your Life’s To-Do List by Ushma Shah

A year and a half ago, his life was different than it is right now. He had got caught up with his job. Life had changed, he didn’t meet his friends as much as he used to, didn’t have most of his classmates’ numbers anymore. He didn’t remember the last time he chilled out with them over a pint of beer. To cut the long story short, a year and a half ago, he graduated. Now, sitting by the window, drinking coffee, he forced himself to look at a piece of paper that resembled the one which comes in an … Continue reading Maybe It’s Time You Revised Your Life’s To-Do List by Ushma Shah

The Three Words We Proudly Said – “I Was There.”

We’d like to start off by saying that our association with OML has been truly amazing and we want to thank the team for the great job they have done with this year’s festival. Working on the merchandise for the fest and our own products, the last few months were filled with extremely tight deadlines, crazy coordination and just running around all over the place till you could see that we looked much fitter. It’s been hectic. But more than that, it’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience. We’ve always loved the weekender and have “been there” since its inception … Continue reading The Three Words We Proudly Said – “I Was There.”

So much to say, so little space.

Alright! It’s been some time since our last blog post. The plan is to write one every 2 weeks at least. We shall try our best to do that. The point is to have something fun to read. If you guys want to put something up on our blog, do give us a shout-out. We’ll gladly put it up. So, first up! We went live on 7th June and it’s been a little over 2 months now. Quite a lot has happened in these 2 months and we’re enjoying every moment of it. It’s not easy running your own brand. … Continue reading So much to say, so little space.

We are LIVE!

It was back in November 2012 when the idea of The Souled Store was born. All of us, not having worked at a corporate job for too long, had a similar feeling bubbling inside us. We wanted to do something of our own. We wanted that freedom to do what we want to, when we want to, and how we want to. It’s taken us about 6 months to finally launch and what a ride it has been till now. Starting with sitting at a café in Bandra on Day 1 and jotting down ideas on a piece of paper … Continue reading We are LIVE!